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Friday, August 4, 2023

Threads Set to Launch Web Version and Advanced Search 'in the next few weeks'

Threads, Meta's microblogging social network, is gearing up for some exciting updates. In the near future, Threads is set to launch a web version and an advanced search feature, as confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg himself. This news comes about a month after the official launch of Threads, which has already seen significant updates such as built-in translation and a chronological feed.

Currently, Threads can only be accessed through its mobile app, but the upcoming web version will allow users to access the platform from their desktops. This has been a highly requested feature by Threads users who are looking for a more versatile experience. Additionally, the platform's search function is also getting an upgrade. Currently, users can only search for other accounts, but with the advanced search feature, they'll be able to search for specific posts or words, providing a more comprehensive search experience.

It's worth noting that Threads gained immense popularity shortly after its launch, amassing over 100 million users within a week. However, some users found it lacking in certain key features. These upcoming updates, including the web version and advanced search, aim to address these concerns and potentially re-engage users who may have been looking for more functionality from the platform.

While the web version and advanced search are highly anticipated, there's no indication yet of a Threads app for iPad or Mac users. Nonetheless, Threads continues to evolve and adapt, striving to offer an improved and more comprehensive social networking experience for its users.

For those interested, Threads can be downloaded for free from the App Store and requires an iPhone running iOS 14 or later. The platform's team is diligently working on enhancing the user experience and addressing user feedback to make Threads a more valuable and engaging platform for all.


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